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Avail incredible services with us including bookkeeping/payroll services/ tax management and other accounting facilities including "‘s - Accounting Software services. We will only charge for our services, once the service or product is delivered to you. And if you want to refund or return our product, you may refer our refund and return policy mentioned on our website.

Pro Advisor Services

To help our clients on several issues and problems, we have a team of certified consultants and experts that have pledged to take care of your problems 24*7 throughout the year. All the services offered by us are pre-paid, but in case you prefer to return or refund our services, you may move head and look for our refund and return policy mentioned on our website. Our consultants also offer live assistance to our customers and clients.

Product Availability

We want our customer to know that, all the products mentioned on our website is subject to availability. In addition, if in case our product is not available due to out of stock and high demand, we will inform you about it as soon as possible. However, if the customer wants to exchange the ordered item with in-stock item, they can do the same. But if want to tell you in such cases we are not liable for any typographical or pictorial error of our product mentioned on our website.

Use Restrictions

We do not allow any kind of replication or alteration in any of our content or on our product mentioned on our website without the prior consent from the Accounting Helpline. Moreover, we also do not affirm that the information described on our website is appropriate, admissible or available for usage in any location.

Right to Change or Modify

We have the legal right to remove, update, change or modify any of our service or product without any prior notification to our users or members.

Limitation of Liability Disclaimer

In any circumstances or situations, the Accounting Helpline‘s prime liability will not just be constrained to the purchase price of the sold product. In addition to it, the Accounting Helpline is also not responsible for any sort of claim or action mentioned in the contract, tort, indemnity or any other claim related to the sold product, which exceed the liability limit. One cannot make the Domain responsible for any damage or claim done by the third party against any customer.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

In case of any dispute occurring between Accounting Helpline and its Customers subject to Terms and Conditions or the Transaction of Sales, it shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nevada in accordance to the legal rules. Also the specific Validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement shall not be governed by the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods. Accounting Helpline and Customers agree to exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of the Las Vegas to resolve if any dispute between them related hence forth, and the parties are waived off all rights to contest the exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of such courts. The Customer also needs to agree not to bring any legal action based on the legal theories including the contract, tort, equity or anything otherwise against Accounting Helpline after one year from the date of the applicable invoice.


Members are agreed to indemnify and hold Accounting Helpline‘s officers and employees, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, and contractors harmless for any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney fees and the charges, made by any third party due to or caused by the Member‘s use of the Services, violation of the said Agreement, any infringement by Member or other user of the services using Member‘s computer, of any intellectual property or any other right related to a person or an entity.

Third Party Sites

We want our customers to know that the Accounting Helpline is not responsible for any product, service or content that is described on the website, but is owned by the third party sites. In such cases the members have to contact the third site administrator for any issues regarding the services and products proffered by them. The customer needs to follow the privacy policy of the third party, if they use the service and product of the third party. We request our customers to have a thorough read of the policies of the third parties, before using their services and products.


Failing to acquire the service proffered by the other party on any services of the agreement shall not affect the first‘s party right to acquire the performance at that time. In case of breach of a services described in the contract, any waiver by either party shall not be taken or held by the other third party to continue on the waiver of the service unless such waiver is made in written document.


If in case any of our services described in the agreement becomes illegal or invalid wholly or partly in terms of law, then it won‘t affect the other services described in the agreement. And the illegal or invalid service will be removed, modified or change to provide the similar result that can be legal and valid under the Nevada law.

Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions together with the Accounting Helpline and the Customer is a complete and is significant agreement between the Customer and Accounting Helpline and they replace every contemporaneous or previous proposals, written or oral, condition, understanding, warranties and all other communication between Accounting Helpline and Customer regarding the particular product. The agreement may not explain or supplement the prior course of dealing or trading by custom or usage.

Copyright and Trademark Information

All the content mentioned on the website of the Accounting Helpline such as test materials, text, videos, graphics, interfaces is within the rights and the property of the Accounting Helpline. Any modification, duplication of website or its content without the written consent from the owner of the Accounting Helpline is strictly not allowed. And also the usage of any robotic spider or any other device or manually, modification or replication of website content without the consent of the Accounting Helpline‘s owner is also strictly not allowed.;

Any trademarks or logos on our website is also the property of the Accounting Helpline, or is the property of their respective owners. We do not endorse or recommend any of such trademarks or logos. In addition use of such logos and trademarks or links to the Vendor Web sites is not intended anyhow directly or indirectly with Accounting Helpline. No license is approved by us for the use of any service mark, trademark or the trade address of Accounting Helpline

Right of Refusal

We have the right to reduce the order quantity or discard an order at our own discretion.


Some State Laws require Accounting Helpline to charge the state Sales Tax for orders shipped to the addresses in a particular state. In case of any query related to the Terms and Conditions you can reach us at Also Accounting Helpline software is subject to taxation as applicable to the state‘s Sales Tax Laws.


Some State Laws require Accounting Helpline to charge the state Sales Tax for orders shipped to the addresses in a particular state. In case of any query related to the Terms and Conditions you can reach us at Also Accounting Helpline software is subject to taxation as applicable to the state‘s Sales Tax Laws.

Payment- Terms and Conditions

The Agreement depicts our terms with regards to the usage of - products and services that are mentioned on the website including updates, content, references, new releases and all other. It includes:

Payments for all services will be payed in US dollar and the amount shall be deducted once you subscribe and provide the payment details.

Payment can be done through any of the following:

  • Accounting Helpline will accept any valid credit card
  • Accounting Helpline will accept any valid debit card
  • Any Valid PayPal Account will be accepted by the Accounting Helpline.
  • There should be adequate fund in the account to allow debit of amount.
  • Through other payment other method that is issued by Accounting Helpline in writing.
  • If you give the incomplete or incorrect information of payment information, you are advised to notify us of the same. And if failure to do so in a given period of time, we might have to suspended or terminated your account.
  • In case we are not notified about your recent updates, we will talk to your card provider , so that you could have uninterrupted and hassle-free payment of services, and with your confirm authorization we will continue your payment with the same updated details.
  • Without your confirm authorization, we will not automatically or electronically renew any of our services unless it is given in the Service or Product Agreement.
  • In case if there is any additional renewal terms or updation, one can have a look on the website for individual Product or Services.

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